Tichauer Memorial Garden

Kelly Tichauer-Kirk

July 14, 2023

My grandparents Walter and Helena Tichauer were both Holocaust survivors. They both suffered unimaginable horror and pain, but never gave up despite extraordinary obstacles or let their experiences define them. Together, after the war, they managed to build an amazing life together, first in Montevideo, Uruguay and then in Omaha, Nebraska. They had two sons, were grandparents to five and great grandparents to 13. They lived the American Dream. Walter and Helena’s greatest joy was their family and their family legacy was and still is the ultimate victory against Hitler. Though Walter and Helena have both been gone for many years, the impact they made on the lives of their family and each and every person they met was profound. Their memory will not be forgotten.

When a Jewish person dies, we say “may their memory be for a blessing” which serves a twofold purpose, to comfort the mourners and honor the newly deceased to ensure their soul is elevated. More importantly, Jewish theory also teaches us that when somebody dies, if we’ve been inspired by their lives, it is up to the living to continue to think of them with joy, speak their name, do good deeds in their honor and carry on their legacy as that is of merit for the deceased and for the world.

I can think of no better way to bless, honor and remember the life and legacy of my grandparents, Walter and Helena Tichauer than to invite the entire Omaha Jewish Community that so warmly embraced the Tichauer family upon their arrival from Uruguay in 1962 to the dedication of the Walter and Helena Tichauer Holocaust Survivors Reflection Garden which was made possible thanks to the generosity of their son and my father, Fred Tichauer. The garden isn’t just a memorial for Walter and Helena and all Holocaust survivors, but also a place of peace, comfort and reflection for anyone to come and visit to contemplate or remember someone or something special.

The Walter and Helena Tichauer Holocaust Survivors Reflection Garden dedication will be held on Sunday, July 30, 2023 at 11 am. All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.


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