Art & The Holocaust

The 2024 Art Show was a great success.

Looking forward to 2025!

The Institute for Holocaust Education invites middle school art teachers and their students to participate in an annual Holocaust-related project.

In order to build knowledge of the Holocaust participating teachers will teach a Holocaust lesson provided by the IHE to their students during at least one full class period before commencing with the visual art portion of the project.

Suggested projects are literature-inspired murals, an artifact collage, a charcoal portrait of a victim of the Holocaust or of someone who has a shared life experience. Upon completion, students prepare a written reflection on the project. The IHE provides curriculum resources for each project and a stipend to be used for art supplies.

Each year the project culminates in an exhibit of student artwork in the Eisenberg Art Gallery at the Jewish Community Center along with a reception for the artists, their parents, and their teachers.

This program was made possible by the support of the Jetton Charitable Foundation.


1. To become familiar with individual people and cultural history in the Holocaust.
2. To use art as a method to learn about the Holocaust.
3. To understand and apply portraiture and experience media while learning about individuals of the Holocaust.
4. To understand visual arts in relation to history and other disciplines and to relate that knowledge to the student’s current life.
5. To reflect upon the effectiveness of the project.

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