Nebraska Survivor Stories

Each story is different and has their own lessons to be learned. The IHE is fortunate to have many stories from Holocaust survivors that ended up in Nebraska. Although the memories are painful, each survivor has given their testimony in order to help spread awareness and ensure the lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten.

Nebraska Surviviors

Joe Boin

Fred Kader

Bea Karp

Lou Leviticus

Lola Reinglas

Helena Tichauer

Kitty Williams

Hannie Wolf

Joseph Polonski

Sisters of the Shoah: Mania Friedman, Rachel Rosenberg, Bluma Polonski

The Hidden Children: Marcel Frydman, Fred Kader, Tom Jaeger

The Walter and Helena Tichauer Holocaust Survivors Reflection Garden


The majority of the Holocaust stories shared here were written by Omaha-based freelance writer Leo Adam Biga.

Biga is a journalist and author who writes on arts, culture, community, social justice and history topics. His journalism can be read in Flatwater Free Press,Omaha Magazine and Nebraska History Magazine as well as in American Theatre, Applause and Humanities magazines . His books include “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film,” “Crossing Bridges: A Priest’s Uplifting Life Among the Downtrodden, “Nebraska Methodist College at 125: Scaling New Heights” and “Forever Grateful: The Gift of New Life from Organ Donation.” He has been a contributing writer for Omaha’s Jewish Press. He has completed special projects for the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society, Temple Israel and Tri-Faith Initiative. He can be reached at 402-445-4666 or