Educational Resources

It is the mission of the Institute for Holocaust Education to provide educational resources, workshops, survivor testimony, and integrated arts programming to students, educators, and the public. The following links provide information on educational resources that are recommended by the Institute for Holocaust Education:

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Echoes & Reflections

A Teacher’s Resource Guide created by the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation Institute, and Yad Vashem - Echoes and Reflections provides teachers with the opportunity to explore with students the conditions in Germany that made the Holocaust possible, and to consider what can happen when prejudice and discrimination are allowed to flourish. Video testimony clips and other multi-media assets are built into the guide.

Every day, students confront issues of prejudice and bias. Through the study of the Holocaust, the Echoes and Reflections guide helps students connect history with contemporary issues and develop skills to become active members of a democratic society.

Tak for Alt: Survival of the Human Spirit

The TAK FOR ALT film and curriculum are currently being used in high schools and middle schools across the United States.

The film reveals the Holocaust survival story of Judy Meisel and was produced by Laura Bialis. The accompanying curriculum was co-written by Kathleen McSharry and Beth Seldin Dotan (Founding IHE Director). The materials were introduced in Omaha, Nebraska in 2004 with a seminar for educators and several area events.

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Hitler’s Courts: Betrayal of the Rule of Law in Nazi Germany

A DVD from Touro College’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center - an award-winning documentary in which experts in international law examine the perversion of law under Nazi rule and discuss how distinguished lawmakers were capable of complicity in the largest mass murder in history. “Hitler’s Courts” features archival footage and rarely seen photographs. Running Time: 35 minutes. Accompanying Study Guide included.

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Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now

The Coming of Age curriculum includes twelve stories of Holocaust survivors and one story of an individual who grew up in the Mandate of Palestine during the same period. With a student-friendly online interface, each story reflects unique, individual experiences, and as a group, the stories provide a library of resources for learning about the Holocaust through personal narratives.  

Students will reflect on the challenges survivors faced in maintaining their identities, responsibilities they assumed during difficult circumstances, sacrifices they made for others, and lessons they want to impart to the next generation. By studying the lives of survivors, students will grow in their understanding of the Holocaust and themselves, and develop a deep sense of what it means to come of age today.