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Serving Educators in Nebraska

Mission Statement
The Nebraska Holocaust Education Consortium is a group of Nebraska educators committed to teaching students and teachers the universal lessons of the Holocaust through age-appropriate resources. The consortium is committed to assisting educational institutions by training teachers using Holocaust materials that meet Nebraska State Standards and by providing other Holocaust educational resources to advance the knowledge and teaching skills of educators throughout Nebraska. 


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Past Conferences:

PConferences Sponsored By The Nebraska Holocaust Education Consortium

Advanced Holocaust Educators Conference, Schuyler Retreat Center, June 25-26, 2017

Nebraska Wesleyan University, October 22-23, 2017

Hastings University, October 30-31, 2016

Doane University, October 25-26, 2015

University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), September 21-22, 2014

Chadron State College, Fall 2013

Strategic Air and Space Museum, Fall 2012

Wayne State College, Fall 2011

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Fall 2010

York College, Fall 2009

Hastings College, Fall 2008